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Camping and Hiking

Camping and Hiking

One of the most popular types of Holiday, camping offers people the chance to enjoy the great outdoors at close quarters. For many people their first experience of camping is as children, setting up a tent in their own backyard. But it is also a popular activity with adults, who enjoy getting away from cities to explore the countryside and perhaps even learning survival skills in the wild. Camping offers the freedom to choose to stay at one campsite through a holiday, or to set up camp at a different site each night. whatever the type of camping it is important to take appropriate clothing food and equipment.

Camping in Himachal

Himachal is treated as the tourist paradise of India. Here are great scope of adventure activities so the camping and hiking. Upper Himachal like kinnaur , Lahaul and Spiti , Shimla, Kullu, Chamba and Kangra have many great regions of adventure and camping.

We are pleased to offer all kind of adventure and camping activities in hilly areas of Himachal.

Shimla Manali tour Package

Shimla Manali tour package

Shimla and Manali are two prime destination of not only Himachal but also of India. People loves to come again and again for these destinations. Himview Holidays provide cheap and best affordable Budgeted Shimla Manali tour package from Chandigarh and Delhi.   Shimla Manali tour package is the most selling package of Himachal. Located merely 130 km Shimla is a easy approachable destination from Chandigarh. Shimla is nearest destination where higher altitude weather is accessible with pine forests and heavy snowfall. Also Manali in the depth of Himalayas has smooth road and facilities so the destination is popular. Shimla is been a tourist hot spot  since British times, the colonial impressions over here with tremendous natural beauty attracts visitors world wide. The place is now known for its luxurious resorts and villas, fun parks and wild parks. For instant bookings call @082610-51000,098169-44800.

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Kinnaur Tour Package

Kinnaur Tour Package –

Kinnaur tour package is one of the best packages for Himachal Pradesh.  We have taken into consideration the highly growing tourism in Kinnaur valley. This winter has blessed heavy snowfall all over the valley. Their is a chance to explore the  beauty of the Kinnaur valley with best budgeted kinnaur tour package. Instant call for query or bookings @ 098169-44800 , 082610-51000. and enjoy cool and pleasant  weather of Kinnaur with Kinnaur tour package from Shimla. Himview Holidays is also known for best  services and lowest cost kinnaur tour package for couple and family or group.(special discounts on 2022 summer season) Continue reading

Bhaba Valley Kinnaur

Bhaba Valley Kinnaur

Kinnaur is region or district of Himachal with great diversity of nature and culture. Many have listened about Sangla valley or Kalpa or Chhitkul but one unique place is still unexplored by rest of the world that is the beautiful Bhaba valley. Bhaba valley is a small but very beautiful valley of Kinnaur. The picturesque locations, greenery,the fields,the orchids,the waterfalls, the snow capped mountains everything is like a fruit basket with variety of fruits. Bhaba valley Kinnaur is the group of some pretty small villages like Kafnoo,Katgaon,Yangpa-1, yangpaa-2 and Runi. These village are filled by the orchids of Apricot,almond and Apples. There are someprime destinations which attracts us to follow Bhaba valley:

Bhaba Valley Kinnaur

a view of Bhaba valley


Kafnoo is a small first village of Bhaba valley. Going to Bhaba valley from Vangtu Kafnoo is small and beautiful village , the first village of Bhaba valley. With traditionally built houses and dressings of the people it gives the glimpse of rich culture here.

Water reservoir

A beautiful lake or water reservoir in the middle of the valley for Kafnoo dam is located on river Bhaba. The beautiful lake is worth adorable. The crystal clear water of the lake is photogenic itself.

Yangpa-I and Yangpa-II

These are two beautiful village of Bhaba valley on the left bank of the Bhaba river. The culturally rich village has there own deity in the middle of the village which are considered the cultural centers of the village.

Bhaba-Pin valley trek

The valley has also connected with the beautiful trek to the world famous Pin valley. The meadows of the valley directs trekers to Pin valley at Muling. Here we can visualise the Bhaba valley kinnaur as the bowl of beauty where we can see feilds of potato, orchids of apples lush green kandas, roaring waterfalls and snow capped peaks of Himalayas.

This is a little experience of Bhaba valley. The small place has diverse and bigger impact for visiters. Once you visit the place, you can never forget the heavenly experience of this pretty valley of Bhaba river.

We, Himview Holidays provide packages along with Bhaba valley as sight seen from Sangla in our Kinnaur tour package and Kinnaur Sangla Kalpa tour package.

Contact for Kinner Kailash tour package bookings:

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We also provide some popular tour packages like Shimla Manali tour package, Kinnaur tour package, Manali tour package, Dharamshala tour package and Dalhousie tour package.

Kinner Kailash Tour Package

Kinner Kailash Tour Package

Kinner Kailash is one of holiest place in Himachal. This is the place named after Kailash, the home of Lord Shiva one of the five Kailashas on earth. The Kinner Kailash known globally as Kinnaur Kailash is situated in Kinnaur district of Himachal in front of Kalpa, district headquarter of Kinnaur. Continue reading

Spiti Valley Tour Package

Spiti Valley Tour Package

Spiti valley is one of the most beautiful valley’s of not only Himachal but India. Being unexplored the valley’s beauty is still unadvertised. The nature inherited in cold desert, the culture inherited in the society of this far Himalayan valley are the subject of curiosity for visitors. Our Spiti Valley tour package is specially designed to only explore understand this  cold desert valley. Our Spiti Valley Tour Package/ Spiti Valley travel Packages starts from Delhi Chandigarh Shimla via Kinnaur. This adventurous Spiti valley tour package have several exciting moments and unforgettable views where tourists must catch on. Not only natural beauty in Spiti valley is to explore for but the culture is also at the same level. The Buddhist Monasteries in the valley are the centers of all cultural activities. Best time to visit Spiti valley is April to October.Contact for instant bookings @ 098169-44800, +9182610-51000. Continue reading

Sangla Valley Tour Package

Sangla Valley Tour Package

Sangla is one of the most popular valleys of Himachal Pradesh. Sangla valley is also known as Baspa valley as the valley is on the riversides of Baspa river, which is the a tributary of River Satluj. Sangla is a little town in the midst of the valley with high altitude peaks all around and the valley filled by variety of vegetation.  The valley starts at the altitude of 2500 meters and above and remains filled with snow almost 3 months of the year. The beautiful valley is growing popularity among global visitors as the valley surrounds many beautiful treks and cultural visiting places. Himview Holidays has arranged all category Sangla valley tour package/Sangla Valley Tour Packages especially the cheapest and lowest cost Sangla valley tour package for budgeted tourists. The tourists from Kolkata, Delhi, Bhopal and Ahmadabad loves the destination a lot. The peaceful beauty of nature has made Sangla a paradise. The nature photographers, the wanderers,the trekkers, the adventurists, the mountain and rock climbers and the botanists all love to explore the valley with great enthusiasts. Continue reading

Heritage Sites of Himachal Pradesh

Heritage Sites of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal is been for a long time known for its natural beauty. But the state is also associated with its man made historical architectural monuments. At one side the abundant natural catastrophic locations are heart touching, the other side the architecture on the same beautiful locations are glorious in nature. The state has announced the tourism industry on priority basis by having such a diverse nature of the state. The tourism is being flourishing and growing day by day in the state where these heritage sites are prime factors. Continue reading

Himachal Tour Package

Himachal tour package

 Get Best Himachal tour package for Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala and Dalhousie for 9 nights 10 days from Himview Holiday i.e. best Travel & Tour Service provider of Himachal and enjoy the beauty of Himachal Pradesh with best services and at very affordable prices.

Himachal tour packages

scenery after snowfall

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