Bhaba Valley Kinnaur

Bhaba Valley Kinnaur

Kinnaur is region or district of Himachal with great diversity of nature and culture. Many have listened about Sangla valley or Kalpa or Chhitkul but one unique place is still unexplored by rest of the world that is the beautiful Bhaba valley. Bhaba valley is a small but very beautiful valley of Kinnaur. The picturesque locations, greenery,the fields,the orchids,the waterfalls, the snow capped mountains everything is like a fruit basket with variety of fruits. Bhaba valley Kinnaur is the group of some pretty small villages like Kafnoo,Katgaon,Yangpa-1, yangpaa-2 and Runi. These village are filled by the orchids of Apricot,almond and Apples. There are someprime destinations which attracts us to follow Bhaba valley:

Bhaba Valley Kinnaur

a view of Bhaba valley


Kafnoo is a small first village of Bhaba valley. Going to Bhaba valley from Vangtu Kafnoo is small and beautiful village , the first village of Bhaba valley. With traditionally built houses and dressings of the people it gives the glimpse of rich culture here.

Water reservoir

A beautiful lake or water reservoir in the middle of the valley for Kafnoo dam is located on river Bhaba. The beautiful lake is worth adorable. The crystal clear water of the lake is photogenic itself.

Yangpa-I and Yangpa-II

These are two beautiful village of Bhaba valley on the left bank of the Bhaba river. The culturally rich village has there own deity in the middle of the village which are considered the cultural centers of the village.

Bhaba-Pin valley trek

The valley has also connected with the beautiful trek to the world famous Pin valley. The meadows of the valley directs trekers to Pin valley at Muling. Here we can visualise the Bhaba valley kinnaur as the bowl of beauty where we can see feilds of potato, orchids of apples lush green kandas, roaring waterfalls and snow capped peaks of Himalayas.

This is a little experience of Bhaba valley. The small place has diverse and bigger impact for visiters. Once you visit the place, you can never forget the heavenly experience of this pretty valley of Bhaba river.

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