Camping and Hiking

Camping and Hiking

One of the most popular types of Holiday, camping offers people the chance to enjoy the great outdoors at close quarters. For many people their first experience of camping is as children, setting up a tent in their own backyard. But it is also a popular activity with adults, who enjoy getting away from cities to explore the countryside and perhaps even learning survival skills in the wild. Camping offers the freedom to choose to stay at one campsite through a holiday, or to set up camp at a different site each night. whatever the type of camping it is important to take appropriate clothing food and equipment.

Camping in Himachal

Himachal is treated as the tourist paradise of India. Here are great scope of adventure activities so the camping and hiking. Upper Himachal like kinnaur , Lahaul and Spiti , Shimla, Kullu, Chamba and Kangra have many great regions of adventure and camping.

We are pleased to offer all kind of adventure and camping activities in hilly areas of Himachal.

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