Heritage Sites of Himachal Pradesh

Heritage Sites of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal is been for a long time known for its natural beauty. But the state is also associated with its man made historical architectural monuments. At one side the abundant natural catastrophic locations are heart touching, the other side the architecture on the same beautiful locations are glorious in nature. The state has announced the tourism industry on priority basis by having such a diverse nature of the state. The tourism is being flourishing and growing day by day in the state where these heritage sites are prime factors. These are described below:

Heritage Sites of Himachal Pradesh

The Great Himalayan National Park

The Great Himalayan National Park Kullu

The great Himalayan National park situated in Kullu valley is hub uf flora and fauna of Himachal Pradesh. The national park has the rich diversity of forests and wildlife. All Himalan endangered species of Herbs and wild animals are preserved by the national park. This national park is surrounded by Pin Valley National park from Spiti side and Bhava Rupi wildlife sanctuary from Kinnaur side and by Parbati wildlife sanctuary.

Kalka Shimla Railway Line

One of the most beautiful manmade heritage sites of Himachal is Kalka Shimla Railway line. This narrow gauge line starts from Kalka railway  station towards the shiwalik hills upwards towards Shimla. The Railway line has approximately 102 tunnels. The line was established by britishers in 1905 as then the city was recognised the winter capital of British India. The main essence of the line is the beauty associated with nature. The line crosses through hills coverd by Cheer,pine, cedar and rhodedendon trees which makes the journey by this train line awsome.

Pin Valley National Park

Pin valley national park is another national park in the lap of the Great Himalayas. The National park is situated in Spiti valley and is absolutely the main attraction of  the visitors of the valley. The endangered snow leopard, ghoral some other animals are found in good number here. The rare Himalaya herbs are also found here, which are also prohibited to collect in the state.

The Viceregal Lodge

One of the best architectural monuments of British India in Himachal in Vice Regal Lodge. The great engineering peice of work of that time The building was the palace of that time viceroy of British India. The location is in such a fine place that the frequent visitors are also amused everytime by the palace. The Vice Regal Lodge is now used for Indian Institute of Advance Studies where the study of Docterate degree is been provided.

Christ Church

The portrait of Shimla is always been indicated with The Christ Church whereas many other monuments are there. The importance of the Christ Church on the Ridge can be calculated with this reference. The beautiful Christ Church is located on the prime location of Shimla, The Ridge ground Shimla. On east side of the ground the Christ Church indicates peace and pleasure on the hills. Every tourists or local residents svisites frequently the Church. The exibitions are also being held in the campus of The Church for visitors.

Gaity Theatre

Gaiey Theatre is the oldest theatre of the state. The theatre building is formed by britishers for theatre purpose and for their amusement. The place is now the cultural centre of the capital city. Every now and then there is been exibitions, dramas, cultural programmes and organisational funtions which has maintained the dignity of the theatre alive.

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