Hot-springs in Himachal pradesh

Hot-springs in Himachal pradesh

As we all know Himachal Pradesh is known for its diverse natural glory. Hot-springs are also the part of its diversity. The important rivers of Himachal Beas and Satluj has gifted its banks with five beautiful hot-springs water. These destinations are very beautiful sites from the tourist point of view. In the midst of high Himalayas an glory of valley’s these place has become huge attraction to visitors either religious or researcher. Here are some Hot-Springs in Himachal Pradesh.

Vashisth Hot Spring of Kullu

In the beautiful valley of Kullu Vashisht hot spring has its name in the top. Known for its religious impact Vashisht hot spring is very popular among visitors. This small village is now world wide known. The hot sulfur water springs has medicinal and therapeutic nature. Many people regularly to visit here and cure especially bones and joint problems. The lush green valley broadens the importance of the little but glorious place.

Tattapani Hot Springs Mandi/Shimla

hot-springs in Himachal Pradesh

Large lake of river Satluj at Tattapani

Tattapani is the biggest hot springs in Himachal Pradesh. The wide range of area on the bank of River Satluj has many spots where naturally hot springs come from the earth. The small town Tattapani is located 51 km away from Shimla in district Mandi of Himachal Pradesh. The name Tattapani also means hot water. The water level depends here on the water level of River Satluj. The place has its religious value also. Makar Sakranti is celebrated  as a fair at the place. Now a large lake of Kol dam has emerged here on river Satluj. The administration is now in thought of using the lake for water sports activities also.

Manikaran hot Springs Kullu

Manikaran is situated in beautiful and renowned Parvati valley. The place is popularly known for religious tourism especially in Sikh and Hindu religion. The place has numerous hot springs scattered on the bank of Parvati river. The is various temples and shrines too. The place is treated very sacred. The hot sulfur hot water is treated as medicinal treatment measure for muscular pains, arthritis, and rheumatics etc. Iron, sulfur and radioactivity are responsible for its healing properties.

Kheer Ganga hot springs Kullu

A 26 km away from Kullu town Kheer Ganga is another pretty place of the nature in the valley. The hot springs water is white in color so is known as Kheer or curd. The sulfur substance is the reason for its whiteness. The place is also its religious value. The mythology says that Lord Shiva son Kartikeya  was here in Samadhi for thousand years. The beautiful place is in the middle of greenery  and steep meadow and is also a fine trek to Kheer Ganga.

Kasol hot water springs

Kasol is the emerging in tourist map now. This destination was not much known before but now visitors from India and world are recognizing the beauty of the pretty village. This hot spring is a one km foot walk from the road and is only one point of hot water. The temperature of the water little low comparing to other hot springs. The place is 32 km away from Bhuntar Kullu district. These are some of the Hot-Springs in Himachal Pradesh.

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