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Kinnuar Tour Packages

Kinnaur Tour Packages :-

Kinnaur is situated on the north east part of Himachal. Tibet border to the East and Garhwal Himalayas to the South. This is the region that naturally catches your eyes with various spectacular views. Our Kinnaur tour packages are specially designed to cover all these glorious destinations. Kinnaur is at a distance of 200 km from Shimla. The river Satluj that flows through the high mountains enters Kinnaur from Tibet at Shipki. The river Satluj originates on the southern slopes of Kailash Mountain, near holy Mansarovar Lake in Tibet and passes through the Kinnaur valley. Our Kinnaur tour packages are specially designed to cover all these glorious destinations.

The tribal district is principally a mountainous region with a pleasant climate. Vegetation in areas on higher elevation is skimpy while at lower elevation temperate trees like oak, maple, chestnut, magnolia, birch, alder, apple and apricot can be spotted.

Kinnaur is the tourist destination where Himview Holidays specialize. We have visited each and every part of the region physically to guide tourists properly.We are well known to climate, geography and local language of the people.We provide packages include all the travels and sightseeing by an most exclusive vehicle. Stay in the Deluxe , Super Deluxe and Luxury hotels in Kinnaur. A package with an exclusive car is available from Chandigarh. Some of available Kinnaur Packages are:-

  1. Shimla Kinnaur tour package (5 night/6 days)
  2. Shimla Kinnaur Manali Tour Package (8 night/9 days)
  3. Kinnaur Spiti tour package (8nights/9days)

Places to see in Kinnaur

Kalpa:-  Kalpa is a little lovely town located in the circuit of the almighty 19965 feet Kinner Kailash peak The Abode of Lord Shiva, around 245 kms from Shimla. Situated at an altitude of 9700 feet approx., Kalpa is surrounded by hoary peak for almost the whole year. Visitor gets a clear view of the sacred Kinner Kailash peak as well as the other peaks sideways Kailash. You can get a chance to tandem to this place in the middle of winters. Kalpa used be to a favorite place of Dalhousie, British Governor to India , who used to trip this place by travelling side by side the Satluj River in those days. But currently you can simply drive down, though the road is quite rough and tough. From Delhi, Shimla is a contented 9 hour drive (around 350 km via Ambala and then NH 22). From Shimla, things get slightly different but interesting.

Sangla :-  Sangla is the best place of our Kinnaur tour packages.The beautiful Sangla valley starts 57 km short of Kalpa which .The Sangla valley in been named after the name of beautiful village Sangla. Sangla valley,which is located on the bank of Baspa river to the right side. The distance from NH 22 is 17 km. from Karcham station. Journey from Karcham onward is pleasurable and adventurous all over the valley. The natural panorama all around and the never-ending snow view are scenic and charismatic. Sangla is also known as Baspa Valley since Baspa river flows through this area. This is the most beautiful valley in the entire District of Kinnaur. Here is the temple dedicated to Nages god is worth a visit & other places are Kamru Fort and Sapni, Rackchham ,Batseri and Kilba which can also be visited. The facilities like post offices, banks and rest houses are there for the ease of the visitors.

Kinnaur Tour Packages

a mountain valley view from Sangla valley

Prime attractions of Kinnaur Tour Packages :-

 Sarahan : Sarhan is famous for Goddess Bheema Kali Temple ” The Cherished Divinity of Bushahar Dynasty”. This place is been called as the entryway to Kinnaur. Sarahan is located at a distance of 40 km from Rampur Bushehar, the old famous province. The road to this place passes via Jeori on NH 22. This sparkling beauty is placed at a height of 1920 meters approx. The centuries old Bheema Kali Temple is a very famous attractions of this. It was previously, the old capital of Rampur Bushehar.

Kinnaur tour Packages

Saarahan Bheema Kali Mata Temple

Karcham : The beautiful little town is placed at an altitude of 1899 meters and lies at the convergence of the Satluj and Baspa rivers. The beautiful and tranquil Sangla valley is 18 kilometres from the Karcham.

Moorang: Moorang is approximately 26 km from NH22 AT Powari. This beautiful village is famous for its apricot and apple orchards. Placed at an altitude of 2276 meters. A small surrounded by high hills on three sides, it is an ancient mesmerizing fort.

Recong Peo: As known as only Peo, this place is the neighbor town of Kalpa. This wonderful place is 240 km from Shimla. Recong Peo provides a picturesque view of the Kinner Kailash.

Chitkul: Chitkul, the last and most beautiful inhabited village in Baspa Valley, is 26 kms from here and is 3440 meters above the sea level. It lies on the banks of the river Baspa and is also called the last village of India in the region. The alpine meadows and snow-capped mighty mountains here add to the excessive beauty of the village.

Mountains Range:- Kinnaur district comes at an altitude near 7,612 to 22,362 ft. All the valleys are outstandingly beautiful. The valleys are covered with thick forests, fields, orchards, and scenic views. The holy Kinner Kailash mountain is much religious place being Shivlinga on its top.