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Wild life in Himachal Pradesh

Wild life in Himachal Pradesh

High attitudinal ranges and varied geography of Himachal Pradesh has made the state a highly rich cache of wild life. The state is richly loaded with the variety of valleys, lakes, forests, rivers and most importantly with combination. The wild life in Himachal Pradesh state has variety of wild residents.

Snow Leopard, Ibex and Snow Cock have made the cold deserts of Kinnaur and Lahul & Spiti their home, the cold climate regions of the state form natural residence for Musk Deer, Brown Bear, Monal Himalayan Tahr, and Western Tragopan like animals etc. The lower belt of Himachal thrive with Wild Boar Sambhar Deer, Barking Deer, Leopard and Ghoral amongst wild mammals and pheasants including Cheer and White Crested Kaleej. The state has the precious inventory/stock of approximately 3,500 higher plants, many of which are endemic to the region and many form the basis of local health traditions.

To conserve the entire range of bio-diversity in situ, the state has established a network of Protected areas, comprising 2 National Parks named Pin Parbati and Himalayan National Park and 32 Wildlife Sanctuaries. Appropriate law related to wildlife conservation has also been put in place.

According to the forest department records the 32 wildlife sanctuaries of Himachal Pradesh with their districts.





1 Bandli Mandi
2 Chail Solan
3 Chandra Tal Lahaul & Spiti
4 Churdhar Sirmour
5 Daranghati Shimla
6 Dhauladhar Kangra
7 Gamgul-Siyabehi Chamba
8 Kais Kullu
9 Kalatop-Khajjiar Chamba
10 Kanawar Kullu
11 Khokhan Kullu
12 Kibber Lahaul & Spiti
13 Kugti Chamba
14 Lipa Asrang Kinnaur
15 Majathal Solan
16 Manali Kullu
17 Nargu Mandi
18 Pong Dam Lake Kangra
19 Rakchham-Chitkul Kinnaur
20 Renuka Sirmour
21 Rupi-Bhaba Kinnaur
22 Sechu-Tuan Nalla Chamba
23 Sainj Kullu
24 Shikari Devi Mandi
25 Shimla Water Catchment Shimla
26 Simbalbara Sirmour
27 Talra Shimla
28 Tirthan Kullu
29 Tundah Chamba
30 Water Supply Catchment Shimla
 31 Govind Sagar (Denotified ) Bilaspur


Pin Valley Lahul & Spiti



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